Baked Baguettes Valentina Showing Baguette Baking Technique to a Student Valentina Showing Baguette Baking Technique to Group of Students Valentina Showing Baguette Baking Technique to Group of Students


For Valentina bread is about warmth, love and sharing, the very essence of what life should be about. This is why Valentina will devolve 20% profits of each baking class entirely to a non for profit organization who helps underpriviledge kids to excel in life. The organization she is currently benefitting is the Peter Westbrook Foundation

Invite up to 12 people to share this exceptionally fun event!!

Whether you are looking to plan a different event for your company outing, give your guests a unique and entertaining experience, celebrate your birthday, or throw a bachelorette party, Valentina's baguette baking class is incredibly fun for any group!

No previous bread baking knowledge necessary.


In this two hours hands-on class you will learn how to bake a delicious baguette in 3 simple steps in a regular home oven. You will be mixing, shaping and baking your own baguette while tasting freshly baked baguettes served with delicious olive oil and wild herbs from the Mediterranean.

While your baguette is baking, relax and laugh with your friend, or ask Valentina questions about what you have learned and more tips and tricks for the most exclusive baking experience.

At the end of the class you will bring home the printed recipe as well as the baguette you have made to share with your partner, family and friends.


Cost - Two-Students class - $ 240
Cost - Four-Students class - $ 380
Cost - Eight-Students class - $ 680
Cost - 12-Students class - $ 900

Location - Valentina delivers the class at the location of your choice.* Pick a place and you are all set!

*To schedule a class outside of the Manhattan borough a minimum of 6 participants may be needed depending on distance.

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Valentina was born in Florence, Italy. Since she arrived in New York twenty-five years ago, she has been baking her own bread. She has been passionately teaching baguette baking for the past 10 years.